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About Us

Again this title will contain phrases and word you expect people to be typing into search engines

Use this section to build your credibility as an individual or business. You want potential clients or customers to get to know you, to feel re-assured that you are an expert in your area - and to feel comfortable giving you their business.

This section will include,

  • Information about you and your company.
  • An outline of your approach and business ethos.
  • The things that are unique to your business (awards, speaker at conferences, maybe you were first to offer your service, you invented something, have more experience that everyone else, wrote the book, provide services or products to governments or large corporate businesses ...)
  • Testimonials from your clients.
  • Your full contact details, including address, phone number.
  • Photos and short biographies of your and/or your staff
  • Could also be worth adding information about interests out-side of work - you want people to get to know you, like you/your business - and to trust you.


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    This is our 2nd about us page
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