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Provide information about your most important services or products

Although you will provide more detailed information on your services (or products) page, you still need to outline what you have to offer on your home page. Visitors have arrived at your website, they don't want their time wasted, so in clear language outline your products or services. Provide plenty of details - at least three or four paragraphs worth. This information is for both search engines and for humans, so remember to include phrases you think people will type into search engines to find the stuff that you offer.

Ask for contact details

It is highly unlikely that a first time visitor to your website will buy your product or service; why would they, they don't know you and probably don't yet trust  you.

The job of your website therefore is to capture contact information from visitors, so you can build a business relationship with them - and in the process demonstrate that you do know what you are talking about and will provide a good service or product. The way to do that is to ask them to register for your newsletter or a useful tip related to the topic they search for.

Don't let them get away, get their contact details, so you can keep in touch and demonstrate you can offer what they need. For example,